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George Demetrius Babiniotis

Position: Professor of Linguistics (since 1973) at the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens, President (since 1987) of the biggest Private non-profit School Organisation in Greece, of the “Philekpaideftiki” (Arsakea-Tossitseia Schools of Athens, Patras, Salonica and Tirana Albania), President of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture. Rector (President) of the University of Athens (2000-2006).

Other activities: Extensive scientific activity through participation in numerous scientific societies, councils and conferences in Greece and abroad:

a) Regular Member of the Permanent International Committee of Linguists (CIPL), Chairman of the Linguistics Society of Athens, Member of the State Council of Place-names, Regular Member of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, columnist of the newspaper “To Vima” (scientific articles), scientific editor of State Television Broadcasts on the language.

b) Former Chairman of the State Institute of Education of Greece, Member of Editor board of the Encyclopedia “Papyrus-Larousse-Britannica” and of the Encyclopedia of Ekdotiki of Athens (Linguistics section), and occasinal member of various councils for the programming, study and research of educational issues of the Higher Education Institutions.

c) Participation in numerous scientific conferences in Greece and abroad as speaker, participant, chairman or invited speaker.

d) Editor of the only Greek journal of Linguistics “Glossologia”.

e) Supervisor of the production of electroning processing programs for the Greek language in cooperation with the IBM in Greece and the Institute of Language and Speech Processing (I.E.Λ.).

f) Numerous lectures, round table discussions, interviews in the media, publications in the Press and public addresses on language and education issues.

Scientific interests: Professor G. Babiniotis is initiator of Contemporary (Modern) Linguistics in Greece (The University of Athens) and of modern methods of language description, which he himself applied to descriptions of Ancient and Modern Greek. Lately his interests focus on Text Linguistics, Stylistics, the Electronic Processing of language and the Teaching of the Mother Tongue in Schools.

A Dictionary of Modern Greek (3d edition 2008, Lexicology Center Ltd), pp 2.032.
A Dictionary for School and Office (2nd edition 2008, Lexicology Center Ltd), pp. 1.280.
Pocket Dictionary of Modern Greek Language (2006, Lexicology Center Ltd), pp. 1.070
A Grammar of Modern Greek, A Structural-Functional- Communicative Approach [in cooperation with Prof. Chr. Clairis], 2004, Ellinika Grammata, pp xxxv + 1.164.
- 18 books
- over 150 scientific works and papers
- numerous articles in the daily press

Honourary distinctions
Regular member of the “European Academy of Sciences and Arts” (Salzburg, Austria)
Honourary Doctor of Philosophy of the University “La Trobe” of Melbourne, Australia
Honourary Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Montreal, Canada
Recipient of the Herder Prize
Decorated with the Order of the Academic Phoenix of the French Republic
Golden Cross of Russian Republic
Golden Cross of the Othodox Church of Greece
Great Cross del Merito Civil of Spain




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